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Short Tail Head Wrap

Short Tail Head Wrap

Beautiful Head covers for Cancer Patients. One of our best selling styles because of its versatility. The 24” tails can be tied in several fashionable ways. Wrap the tails around your head, tie them to the side, create a bow or any one of several styles to suit your mood and unique style. Be sure to browse all of the beautiful fabrics available for this style. Most of the fabrics are from Italy and France and all of them are chosen for their beauty and comfort. All head wraps are made by hand in the USA with a style designed to flatter every woman.

  • 24″ tails
  • Pre-formed like a cap
  • Elastic in the back ensures an easy fit for small and large head
  • Contrasting trim in the front is a beautiful finishing touch
  • Can be layered in the winter
  • Layer with an Oversized Stretch Headband during the summer

*All head wraps are sold in store only