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Our staff of specialists helps women with cancer, or those who have survived cancer, look and feel better. In our private and comfortable setting, our certified professionals will assist you in finding products to support your feeling of wholeness and femininity during cancer treatment and recuperation. The Brighter Side believes it is best to shop around before your chemotherapy because:

  • You may not feel well enough to shop during chemotherapy
  • More time will allow you to try a variety of head coverings to find those you like best
  • It may take some time to get used to wearing scarves or wigs

Visit us in Rancho Santa Fe or browse online to see some of our products. Many of our products will need to be custom-fitted so that they are comfortable and appropriate for your unique situation. In our experience, it’s better that we don’t sell these products online. In the event you would like to reorder a product previously purchased in our store, please call us and we will be happy to fulfill and ship the products you request.

Many of our products are covered by health insurance, so be sure to ask one of our friendly staff to provide you with the latest information on products that may be covered.

Happy Birthday to Our Clients

During Your birthday month, bring in this coupon for a 20% discount toward any non-insurance product in the store.